Our VR Jam event has come to an end. We want to thank everyone for showing up and creating jaw-dropping experiences in VR and AR. Thank you Realities, the Romanian VR & AR Think Tank for helping us in organising this event and many thanks to Google for supporting our activities.


Here are the teams and some details about their projects:

  • Gospodarii

Gospodarii turned out to be the youngest team competing. Despite their young age, they’ve proved their knowledge and expertise by building a cross platform VR game by using cutting edge technologies. Their game, “Gospodina”, ran on the HTC Vive platform where the player had to cook traditional meals based on the orders given from an Android or iOS running phone. They’ve used the Unreal gaming engine, Microsoft Azure and Firebase services and wrote the code in Kotlin, C# and C++.

  • Space Explorers

This team focused on creating the “Bran experience” in augmented reality. With technologies such as mapbox and Apple AR Kit, they’ve mapped the Bran Castle and used Apple devices on iOS11 to bring us into their digital world.

  • Cavalerii Teutoni

This team has built an AR experience for the tourists visiting Bran. With medieval characters such as maids and knights, the team incorporated storytelling and voice acting into their experience, by using technologies such as Adobe Mixamo, Google Tango and Unity.

Unreal Bran built an entire medieval experience in VR, where the player has been kidnapped and had to escape and defend himself from thieves, vampires and bats. The game ran on the HTC Vive platform and has been built using Unreal Engine and Unity for AR and iOS part.


You could find more images here.