In summer we received feedback from the GDG Pitesti community members and on the list of the next topics to cover on our events was Firebase.

So GDG Pitesti closed the 2016 year with an awesome Firebase Christmas Lab. The codelab was designed to help the community developers to learn about how to use Firebase.

And because the meetup was near Christmas, and Christmas is a time when family and friends come together and remember the good things they have, we sang carols and we spread some joy! 🙂


➡️ “Project M – Scaling Agile Case Study”, Laurentiu Bold, Development Consultant at Endava
➡️ “Java Puzzlers, just a few traps, pitfalls and dark corners”, Daniel Ghita, Senior Developer at Endava
➡️ “Firebase Web Codelab” facilitated by Alin Miu and Magda Miu