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About Iasi | GDG Iasi

This year we are organising the GDG DevFest in Iasi, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Situated in the north-east, it is also known informally as the  “capital of the Moldova region” and despite the fact it is filled with history, it is a very tech-friendly city.

Iasi is at least 600 years old and this gives it a mystical feel to it, priding itself with its heritage. The first university ever opened in Romania, the first botanical garden in the country, the most beautiful library, the first literary museum, all are in Iasi. Here you can see the biggest train station and the first printer in the Moldova region. Also known as  “the city of 7 hills”, the charming city is populated by friendly, welcoming people that overfeed you with amazing traditional cuisine. The most common type of tree in Iasi is linden, therefore the summer walks turn into an amazing experience of linden flower smell.

Nowadays, Iasi also is proud to house over 800 IT companies with over 13000 employees. The numbers have doubled in the last 3 years and there are no signs of stopping or stagnation. This is partly due to high quality graduates from “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University and “Gheorghe Asachi” Polytechnic School.


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