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Teen Techmakers by Women Techmakers România | GDG Bucharest

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new program for high school students – Teen Techmakers

  Teen Techmakers by Women Techmakers România

   August 31st, 19:00

  Școala Informală de IT, București

The main objective of this program is to help the students build the foundation for a future career in programming. We are addressing the technology enthusiasts that are at present attending high school and who want to know more about programming. They will be mentored by people from the industry in order to help them gain insight on how their newly acquired knowledge can and is applied in real life scenarios.

The focus will be set on assisting them in the process of learning about modern technologies provided by Google (and not only). This will be achieved through: courses, workshops, hackathons.

Our first initiative from this program is a Java course designed for high school students. During this course, the students, assisted by their mentors will gain knowledge that will allow them to reach a high level of understanding of object-oriented programming, as well as Java language.

After completing this Java module, high school students will be able to choose to continue with a program designed to help them learn to build mobile applications using Android.  

If you want to know more about this initiative please sign up for our promotion event which will be held on August 31st, starting from 19:00, at Școala Informală de IT, București.


Rafaela Voiculescu
Rafaela Voiculescu
Senior Software Engineer @Fitbit
Magda Miu
Magda Miu
Senior Android Developer @Roweb