2017 seems to be the year in which Augmented Reality is truly coming to mobile. On June 5th, Apple unveiled a new API called ARKit, which empowers developers to create innovative AR and VR applications natively on iOS. Augmented Reality on mobile is nothing new, we had this technology since the creation of Google’s Project Tango, launched on the same day 3 years earlier. What is surprising with ARKit is that the technology is far more advanced than we would have expected from Apple. Here is a quick demo of the API demonstrating the jaw-dropping capabilities of tracking.

To be able to fix virtual objects in the real world with this precision is really impressive, especially when you are doing this with a regular iPhone.

Now, Google Tango is not too far from this either. In fact, the technology is older than Apple’s, therefore, some developers consider it superior. On May 17th at Google I/O, the engineers revealed the latest capabilities of the AR platform.

In the near future, your Android phone will be able to map entire rooms and buildings and create a sandbox in which you are able to manipulate everything. This feature will have applications in many industries, from home furnishing and fashion to engineering and product design.

Compared to the iPhones, Android phones with Tango capabilities need custom hardware, such as  additional sensors and cameras. Here is a comparison between the iPhone 7’s and the Lenovo Phab 2 pro.

If you would like a more detailed comparison between the phones, click the link down below:


To sum up, 2017 seems the year Augmented Reality will finally hit the mainstream, thanks to Apple’s ARKit that will bring AR capabilities to existent iPhones. If you would like to stay up to date with the latest news regarding this topic, be sure to bookmark the site and check back regularly.

Additional links:

Apple ARKit: https://developer.apple.com/arkit/

Google Tango: https://get.google.com/tango/

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro: http://www3.lenovo.com/in/en/tablets/android-tablets/tablet-phab-series/Lenovo-Phab-2-Pro/p/WMD00000220

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